College Prep Algebra - 02111060S - Period 6

College Prep Algebra - 02111060S - Period 6


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7:25 - 9:05 am


10:40 - 12:10 pm


12:45 - 2:20 pm


Mon-Fri 2:20-3pm

& Wed from 1:30-3:00pm


General Information 

Instructor: Mr. Menard



Course Description 

College Prep Algebra is a course designed to help prepare you for a College Algebra course at the college level. This course will require you to study hard and apply yourself. It will build a foundation of knowledge for anyone looking to enter into a college math class more prepared. 

Mr. Menard's Educational Beliefs & Class Norms

    • I believe that failure is an event [not a person] 
    • I believe that safety is essential, and helps us grow
    • I believe that respect = love ≠ agreement 🤝  & that fairness ≠ equality ✊🏾
    • Please have your camera on as much as YOU can 
    • Take care of your body maturely: “Math breaks” are necessary sometimes
    • Be okay with making mistakes, because that is the best way to learn

Plagiarism & Cheating

Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated in this classroom. An automatic zero will be given to anyone suspected of cheating or plagiarizing on a school task. Students suspected of cheating or plagiarism will be given a second chance on the first offense, receive a contact home for the behavior, and given a permanent zero on the second offense.

*For in-person instruction: Cell phones are never allowed for use during test days until ALL exams are turned in. 


Per the district's requirement, assignments make up 30% of the class grade, and 70% of the final grade are performance tasks.


In this course, we will have a few different types of assignments that will need to be completed.

Board Work: Board work will be considered a performance grade in this class. Each week, students will be required to present one question from the assigned problems with complete and legible work. This problem will be posted to the discussion, and students will be required to then explain their answer in their own words. However, this will be a first come, first serve basis on the problems in the homework. If Student A chooses problem 15 first, no one else may choose 15 for that discussion post. 

Homework: This will work similar to every other class you have been in. I just require you to circle every answer that you get on homework, so it is easier for me to grade!



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Course Summary:

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